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Foreign travel plans | International Travel

Friends, today you will discuss how you plan to travel abroad. Many people go abroad to visit here lately. The trend is increasing day by day. But if you do not have the right plans, then you will have to fall into trouble. So today let us know how you plan your trip before traveling abroad.

Desired country research for foreign travel

If you have a good sense of the country where you go, then you can travel well. It is good to know the information you have about the country you are visiting

  1. The size and population of that country.
  2. Currency name and currency rate.
  3. The name of the capital, the main sights and the famous city name
  4. You need to know about the communication system, especially if there is no Uber or any other taxi service.
  5. We need to know what major religions are and what their main language is.
  6. You need to have some important information in your hand. For example, the name of their international airport, the standard of living etc.
  7. You must have ideas about the weather in that country. This is very important.

Google Map Usage:

As you travel abroad, you do not know the roads, so you have to use Google Maps to track your location. In addition to location, Google Map can be your travel companion. You can easily find nearby restaurants, markets, hospitals and any places you need to access Google Maps.

Use of online booking

You must be accustomed to booking online while you travel abroad. Because at anytime from anywhere, you may need to book your hotel, ticket or anything. So you have already learned and understood this matter.

Enough money

It is an unimaginable thing to travel without money. You have to keep a modest amount of money beforehand. You can keep a certain amount of money according to your travel plan by seeing how much you spend in the country you go to. Do not forget to make dollar. And if you have a card, then calculate how much you need to spend, and keep a fair amount of money.

Useful tools

The biggest problem I have faced in my travel abroad is the problem of mobile charging and hotel charger port disagreement. So you must also keep a Power Bank with your mobile charging and a 3 pin-to-to-speaker converter with course.

Besides, to avoid the bustle of equipment you have to keep with. Mobile, Laptop and All Electric Devices Chargers and Memory Card Readers, Pen Drive – If Required.

Brush, toothpaste, towel, shaving razors and shaving cream. Your DSLR camera’s battery cover, memorized and active camera cover and memorized, Headphones, glasses, watches, perfumes, sandal shoes in need.

Also you can take the accessories as you need.

In the best case, the travelers count on medical insurance. But it is unable to save the seriously ill tourist. The insurance is valid usually only during the trip and the dangerous tropical diseases show up only after the return home. Moreover, if a person has been hospitalized during the trip abroad – he will get only the first aid. The amount of insurance is insufficient. Any serious treatment should be paid separately. Visiting warm places of this planet special attention should be paid to the nutrition. The tourists should drink only bottled water, eat only in verified restaurants or in the hotel. Never drink sea water. It should better even not get into the nose and mouth. Besides, the tour operators usually have a list of the countries that need special vaccination before visiting them. This is very actual for example for Africa.

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