London Travel Tips | Things to Know Before Visiting London

A little advanced planning will go a long way to making your trip a success. The first thing to realize is there is no way to see the whole of London in a day, or two or even a week. The length of time you have to visit will determine how you visit things. If you only have a day, taking a bus tour will let you see the sites but you will not be able to really appreciate them. If you have a longer time, the subway and a good guidebook will let you savor the experience.

Getting around London on the subway or underground is the easiest thing in the world. Find out what station you are at and which station is closest to your destination. The best way to do that is with a book called “London A-Z”. You can find it at newsstand. Once you know where you are and where you are going, figure out the direction. Most underground lines go in two directions from a given station. There are also large signs showing the stops on that line from your station to the final station.

Money in London is not an issue. Most places take the major credit cards and the cash machines take Interact. I usually withdrew enough money for a day or two to avoid using plastic. Prices in London are reasonable. Save money by not eating or buying things near popular tourist destinations such as the British Museum. Prices are much more expensive.

Take Advantage of London Travel

Expect to get a good work out. You can do a lot of walking. You will do a lot more if you get lost! Before leaving, invest in a good pair of shoes and make sure they are broken in. A small day pack with a bottle of water and a rain jacket will make your day much more enjoyable.

There are so many things to see. Rather than describe each one in detail, here are a few of the places I most enjoyed visiting:

  • The British Museum
  • The British Library
  • The Tower of London
  • Hyde Park (Speakers Corner)
  • 221B Baker St

Tips to Save You Money

London deals are yours for the taking when you visit some of the top travel deal sites online. Familiarize yourself with what’s out there and shave an incredible amount of money off of the price of your vacation.

Book A London Hotel The Smart Way

In addition to looking online there are some prime techniques that you should employ in order to get the best deal possible on London hotels. First off, location is critical. Sure, it’s nice to stay somewhere that’s within walking distance of all of London’s major attractions. As compact a city as London is, there’s no question that a prime location is convenient. Use your “commute” to see parts of the city that you otherwise wouldn’t, and use the cash you save to treat yourself to a theater production or a fine meal.

Visit When Most Other People Don’t

Sure, walking around London is much more agreeable when the weather is mild and pleasant. Coming here during the off-season, though, can save you oodles of cash. One particularly fun way to get around the expense of visiting during peak tourist season while still enjoying a truly memorable London sojourn is by coming to London during the holiday season. The city is decked out in its finest decorations, everyone is full of good cheer – and travel deals are in abundance.

Use The Tube – Or Hoof It

As compact as London is, there’s truly no need to rent a car while visiting. In fact, getting around on foot is the most convenient – and inexpensive – way to go. There are several free walking tours of the city that can be downloaded online; use them to acquaint yourself with some of the history and culture that London is so famous for. At times when your destination is a bit more far-flung, use the subway – or “the Tube,” as locals call it – for the least expensive transportation.